EDITORIAL: The cost of docks

EDITORIAL: The cost of docks

A lot of money will be spent on replacing two of Summerland's public docks

An effort to replace damaged docks at Rotary Beach is becoming expensive.

The F and I docks, destroyed by flooding in 2017, were replaced in September, at a cost of around $106,000.

But after the docks were replaced, municipal staff realized the new docks, half a metre higher than the previous docks, were no longer safe because of their increased height.

During the summer, many swimmers at the beach jump off the docks.

There are issues about liability and risks to the public because the docks are now higher than in the past. These concerns must be addressed.

To make the docks safer, the newly replaced docks will be removed and new docks will be constructed instead.

This work is not cheap.

Removing the docks is estimated to cost $30,000. This brings the total cost to $136,000, with no docks to show for the expense.

The replacement costs come in at around $70,000 for docks similar to what had been in place at Rotary Beach before the flood damage.

Adding in this cost now puts the total to more than $200,000.

Or, if the municipality chooses to go with floating docks instead of simply replacing the F and I docks, the new structures would cost around $330,000. Once again, this amount is addition to the costs of the earlier replacements and the dock removal work.

At this point, every dock replacement option is costly.

However, this is a cost that cannot be ignored.

Summerland’s beaches are popular tourist spots in the summer months and the docks at Rotary Beach have long been enjoyed by swimmers at that beach.

Removing the docks without replacing them would mean the community would now have one less waterfront amenity.

Since the waterfront is one of Summerland’s best features, it makes sense to ensure the lakeside attractions are well kept and safe for visitors and residents alike — even when the costs become significant.

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