EDITORIAL: Proud to mark Remembrance Day

We look forward to attending ceremonies Monday in Parksville, Qualicum Beach and Bowser

There were 16 million poppies sold in Canada last year, generating about $14 million in funds for branches of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Big numbers for sure, but somehow it just doesn’t seem enough.

We are fortunate in this part of the country to live among many veterans and others who have, or currently do, serve our country in the Armed Forces. Remembrance Day is a special day in Parksville Qualicum Beach, perhaps like no other place in the country.

We look forward to attending ceremonies Monday in Parksville, Qualicum Beach and Bowser. We will never think twice about stretching our resources on a stat holiday to make sure we have photos and stories from all three of these ceremonies. It’s a no-brainer, coverage wise — we are a community newspaper and that’s what we’re supposed to do, the least we can do to honour veterans who are still among us and those who have passed.

We are also proud to present, each year, a special section about Remembrance Day. This year, in Thursday’s edition of The NEWS, our section will be full of stories about veterans from many conflicts, right up to the war in Afghanistan. We are delighted our former assistant editor, Neil Horner, agreed to write the stories and take the photos for this special section — Horner has a flair for this type of community newspapering.

There are, of course, more stories than we have pages, many more people out there who have made a contribution to this great country who won’t have a story about them printed. We think of the mothers and family members of those who served. We think of the incredible contributions of women at home, in the factories and other places, during the war efforts.

We offer our thanks to all who have served, to all who fought abroad or at home to preserve our way of life. That sentence alone, like 16 million poppies sold, doesn’t quite seem enough.

We ask the residents of Parksville Qualicum Beach, especially people with young children, to wear poppies and attend ceremonies on Monday.

All of us must do out part to ensure we never forget.

— Editorial by John Harding

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