Editorial — Never dull in B.C.

Who says things don’t change? Our fair province now has a young woman with a sparkling personality in its highest elected office — except she wasn’t elected to the office, at least not by you and me. Only BC Liberal Party members were allowed to elect her.

But that’s how the system works. It’s only temporary as our governing party transitions from one leader to the next. Christy Clark will run for a seat in a byelection — soon. There is no need to worry about democracy.

Besides a bubbly personality, our new leader also advocates a cheerful, family-first philosophy which, coming from a right-wing party, you know is just window dressing.

How long do you think it will be before that priority is abandoned in favour of the Liberal Party’s usual financial backers?

And when is the BC Liberal Party going to change their name to reflect its true political stripes?

But they’ve got a woman at their helm for the second time. Clark is no Rita Johnston, presiding over a party in shambles, discredited and unpopular. Well, she is in charge of a party in shambles, discredited and unpopular but, luckily, she’s facing an opposition in shambles, discredited and unpopular.

Oh, what a province we live in. Why can’t we be in Alberta where we have a choice between the Conservatives and nothing else. Here we can choose between Mrs. Christy’s family-baked policy cookies and the Backstabbers.

The Et Tu Brute? Party has transitioned from its previous leader, a nice woman who seemed to have all the electable attributes you’d want: an admirable personal journey, well-spoken and professional. But that’s not good enough for a pack of dissidents.

If the NDP dissidents  wanted somebody more dynamic than Carole James, it doesn’t look like they’re going to get it. Although frontrunner Mike Farnworth wants B.C. to get tough with Ottawa. Fightin’ Farnworth. How can you refuse that?

—Campbell River Mirror

(Black Press)

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