EDITORIAL: It’s a real crime

How much can one region take?

(File photo)

(File photo)

It’s getting tough to ignore the amount and severity of the crime taking place in the Williams Lake and surrounding area these days.

Currently, officers at the detachment are investigating a murder and two attempted murders, as well as a missing persons, which appear to be connected.

If you spend any time on social media you will see many posts of people desperately trying to find their stolen possessions such as quads, vehicles, tools and the list goes on.

Local residents aren’t really surprised anymore with the reports, but a couple from Oregon who were simply travelling through the region from Alaska this week were devastated when their truck and 25-foot fishing boat were stolen while they slept in their hotel Wednesday night.

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Messages of apologies and offers to help poured in from residents, embarrassed and wanting to help the stranded couple.

While the gesture from our wonderful, law-abiding citizens is nice, we are starting to wonder if this volume of crime is ever going to slow down.

How can our police force keep up? How can our community continue to grow in a positive way through the bad publicity?

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We don’t pretend to have any answers to the complex problems surrounding criminal activity in our area.

But, after looking into the criminal records of many recent offenders, we think having a look at the court system is a good place to start.

Offenders being released after time-served at sentencing, getting released on conditions after multiple breach of conditions, the year-long wait for trial, and the list goes on.

Williams Lake and the many vulnerable, rural communities surrounding it need to be protected from these offenders who are merely sharpening their skills and strengthening their contacts while in jail.

Lac La Hache residents recently aired their concerns for public safety at a community meeting. Maybe it’s time Williams Lake does something similar?

Would you stand up and say enough is enough?

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