Editorial: A standing invitation to Canada’s party leaders

Dear Stephen, Justin, Thomas and Elizabeth:

Can we call you Stephen, Justin, Thomas and Elizabeth?

Social conventions being what they are, we’re never quite sure when it’s OK to start addressing people by their first names.

We’re finding it especially awkward since we haven’t seen any of you in so long.

Oh, some of you’ve been in the neighbourhood, we know.

But aside from a near constant stream of emails and the odd glimpse of a campaign bus blasting through town, we’ve noticed that so far, none of you have made time for a visit.

Allow us to introduce ourselves.  We’re the Langleys — a pair of bustling municipalities with a combined population of about 140,000 people, located at the western end of the scenic Fraser Valley.

You may have noticed us sitting here between Surrey and Abbotsford, where we understand some of you have stopped since the campaign began in early August.

We hope you aren’t avoiding us because some of you are so certain of victory here — and others so sure of defeat— that it hasn’t seemed like a good use of your limited time.

No, it must be an oversight.

After all, we’re only around the halfway mark of the longest election campaign in modern Canadian history.

So there’s still plenty of time.

We’d love to see any or all of you if you’d care to come on by and chat about some of the issues that are top of mind for Langley residents.

Heck, if nothing else, our beautiful scenery would make a lovely backdrop for a photo op or two.

So, between now and Oct. 19, consider this a standing invitation to stop by and see us any time.

Coffee’s on us.

Langley Times