Editor, The Times:

Motivated more by a buck and a byline

Editor, The Times:

“NEWSPAPERS MATTER NOW MORE THAN EVER” reads the ad in various newspapers in regards to National Newspaper Week Oct. 1-7.

For me they would matter, if I found they responsibly covered what (in my mind) logically should matter most—climate change via global warming, not to mention some major ecological threats.

As but one example of such concern: An April 21, 2017 Peach Arch News editorial just before Earth Day, titled “Earth Day in need of a face lift”, stated that “some people would argue that [it] … is an anachronism”, that it should instead be a day of recognizing what we’ve accomplished.

“And while it [has] served us well, in 2017, do we really need Earth Day anymore?”

This notion was to me so absurd that I mused as to whether Black Press’s climate-change-doubter and fossil-fuel-shill syndicated columnist Tom Fletcher had penned it.

Right—we’re doing fine without Earth Day’s emphasis on our serious polluters.

Indeed, a few months following the editorial, it was officially declared that Imperial Metals would not be charged for its Mount Polley mine’s massive tailings pond release in 2014 of a slurry of years’ worth of waste into Polley Lake, regardless of the B.C. environmental authority’s notation of the company’s clear recklessness.

Also, newspapers don’t matter to me when their professionals seem consistently unwilling to critique their peers at other outlets whose objectivity in their coverage of climate change and/or the fossil fuel industry has been, at best, lacking thoroughness.

What there seems plenty of, however, are the distraction news products.

Thus, regardless of important social issues sensitively covered, I’ve found that the cliched descriptive phraseology ‘the liberal media’ has become increasingly depressingly inaccurate.

Perhaps it’s a profession that’s become motivated more by a buck and a byline—i.e. a regular company paycheque and a frequently published name with stories—than a genuine strive to challenge the powers-that-be in order to truly comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable in an increasingly unjust existence.

Frank Sterle Jr.,

White Rock, B.C.

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