Duncan’s valuable second opinion

The writer critical of John Duncan for questioning the Canadian diagnostician’s abilities, which saved his wife’s life?

I found Bernice Hathaway’s letter to the editor ‘Does Duncan Question our Docs?’ (The NEWS, Oct. 6) somewhat confusing. What was the writer critical of John Duncan for? Questioning the Canadian diagnostician’s abilities by seeking a second opinion, which saved his wife’s life?

Or that he had to take her to the U.S. for her initial treatment then bring her back to Canada for the remainder of her treatment?

Or is the writer trying to make a political point because Duncan happens to be the Conservative candidate?

What Duncan did is what most normal human beings would do in the same circumstances. That is, seeking a second opinion.

When a person receives such a diagnosis, which is literally a death sentence, that person and his/her family will do everything within their means to find a cure or to keep them living as comfortably as possible for as long as they are not in pain.

I am sure the Canadian diagnostician was not at all critical of Duncan’s actions and was very happy of the positive outcome.

The writer obviously has been very lucky that she or a loved one has never been given the devastating diagnosis that Duncan’s wife received. Otherwise, I am sure she would have been more understanding of his actions regarding his wife and his subsequent comments at the forum.

Bob AdamQualicum Beach

Parksville Qualicum Beach News

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