Dropping bombs on the Middle East

Ordinary Canadians must wonder why we spend $250,000 per day to operate CF-15 jets from Kuwait, dropping bombs costing about $40,000.

While the privileged few contemplate if their Camembert is too cold to eat with broken crackers, ordinary Canadian taxpayers must wonder why we spend upwards of $250,000 per day to operate CF-15 jets from Kuwait, dropping bombs costing about $40,000 each onto ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria.

Expensive payloads aimed at jihadists who first fought against George W. Bush’s invasion in 2003, and now fight against anyone who is not a Sunni Muslim. That’s mainly Shia Muslims, as well as believers in a few other faiths; but let’s not forget that the two opposing branches of Islam came about after a family dispute about 1,400 years ago.

When Prophet Mohammed died, his father-in-law Abu Bakr was chosen as Caliph by some of the faithful, who evolved into the Sunni faction. The Shia developed from a different group who chose the Prophet’s son-in-law Ali to lead them. It begs belief that Canada and other governments drop bombs to impose Western values in a region wracked by centuries of religious fanaticism; surely tax-dollars would be better spent on humanitarian relief.

Of course, many of history’s bloodbaths stem from religion; remember the generations of fanatics on both sides in Northern Ireland violently avenging what occurred during the Battle Of The Boyne in 1690, where Catholic James VII challenged Protestant William III for Britain’s throne. Some of us wonder why faithful believers claim to be so self-righteous and morally superior, yet act in such barbaric and hypocritical fashion; especially remembering how other denominations originated.

One dubious example being the Anglican Church’s evolution about 500 years ago, following yet another family dispute. King Henry VIII was refused a divorce by the Church of Rome; to circumvent that he formed his own Church Of England. Cute move, eh; the British monarch remains titular head of the Anglican Church to this day.

NEWS readers can decide if dropping more bombs makes any more sense than the absurdity of religious examples I’ve referenced. As philosopher George Santayana said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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