Downtown Vernon deserves better

Resident upset with increased parking fines and meter fees

I am usually a member of the silent majority, but the issue of increasing fines and parking meter increases is obviously bothering many in Vernon.

The city has spent a sizeable amount of taxpayers’ money to revitalize the downtown and then has neutralized the benefits by dissuading people to come and explore downtown.

There have already been several letters to the editor on this topic. I can easily walk downtown and do several times a week.

I have been in different shops and businesses frequently where other patrons have said they have to hurry and go because of the ticking parking meter. This does not make for a relaxing experience and many shops have less patrons because of this.

It is one more reason that people are driving to the malls where parking is free.

I recently encountered a long-time Vernon resident and businessman who was coming from paying a parking ticket and he told me that he was taking his banking away from downtown and was fed up with finding the right change and the increased parking fees and fines.

The local economy is not doing well and there are many vacancies downtown, including the large space where Liquidation World was. These hits on the pocketbook do not entice one to shop downtown even though much money has been spent to bring people there.

I bet there are many shop owners downtown who are bringing in less money per month than the well-paid parking attendants are getting.

I know the residents of Vernon and area would be very pleased if something were done to alleviate this problem or give them a break.

I don’t expect any change in this from the city but I urge others to express their dissatisfaction on this subject.


Eleanor Wilmot



Vernon Morning Star

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