Dogs to walk, wood to chop, not going to poop on a stick

Brenda ruminates on getting old and the medical roller coaster

Dogs to walk, wood to chop, not going to poop on a stick

I had a good list of topics for this week, but now I have changed my thought patterns. I have some anxiety. Why, you ask? Well, next week I have to go to the doctor. Nothing wrong, but I do need a prescription refill. I know sure as the day is long I will be asked to extend my fleshy arm so my blood pressure can be taken. I have solved that problem by taking my blood pressure at home where I am relaxed and not worried about exposing body parts.

I, of course, will be asked to get a blood test. Might as well ask me to supply a urine or a stool bit as well. Nope, not going to do it. The urine I could manage but to poop on a stick or whatever is done is not up my alley. I know, I know, that if I have something not healthy those tests will reveal all. Then what? Maybe another prescription, or a surgery of some sort. Something added or something removed.

I have never been this old before, but just hearing from friends, some of whom I have known for 70 years. How are they doing? Some just fine thank you. Others are taking their bevy of pills from a pill pack. Others are waiting for a surgery of some sort. A couple or more are dealing with grief at the loss of a loved one.

Before you tell me I should suck it up and get on the medical roller coaster I will just have to try my best to do my best. Let’s start there. Many of you I know have body parts that hurt too much. I join you there. Bad back, wobbly knees. I could go on and on but there is only so much time in the day.

I know I am too heavy. That hurts my back and makes my blood pressure go up. So, I said to myself this very morning “take control.” Did you know for every pound we lose there is a reduction of stress on the knees by 4 pounds? How about that? Lose the belly fat, less back pain and lower blood pressure.

Cut out sugar and cut down on salt. Walk a little more with my critters and most of all enjoy this late life experience. I started this thought process yesterday when I sat outside having a great conversation with younger friends. I realized if I want to live as I do I must take control of my life. That does not include going to the doctor for everything I think I might have that could set my progress in life at risk.

I will attempt to take a new path and see how things change. Not for a minute do I suggest anyone not go to the doctor for your medical issues. Do what you have to do to make sure that every day is worthy of your presence

So, on that note I will leave this. Dogs to walk, wood to bring in and another coffee sitting in my “peace” of paradise. Enjoy this day and many more.

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