Disturbed by vandalism

Adult graffiti trip down memory lane at Uplands Elementary

While taking advantage of a beautiful sunny winter’s day, on Groundhog Day no less, I decided to take a drive to Munson Mountain Park and view all that is ours. A fabulous view of Penticton, below to my right a large herd of mule deer and the large bucks still sporting their majestic antlers and gently sparring while the doe looked on, unimpressed it seemed.

On my return to town, I had a sudden urge to visit my old place of work, Uplands Elementary School on Middle Bench Road. I have many, many fond memories of working as a custodian, some 14 years, with dedicated professional teachers, and saw year after year, children growing, learning and coming and going, some of them now with their own children. Many who were fortunate enough to find work and raise them here in Penticton.

So, on my arrival, I parked in my old spot and proceeded to have a walk about. It was a magical moment for me because everything was as it was the day I left. That is, until I rounded the corner of the gym and I saw the devastation.

Broken windows and what appeared to be adult graffiti: No tankers; People before profit; **** Christy Clark; Kill cops; etc.

What a sick Monday morning greeting that would have been for our grandchildren and teachers. I was so thankful the next day after several attempts to notify the maintenance folk at home, the principal and several teachers were busy preparing for the following week, unaware of the problem, and were now underway to try and rectify as much of the vandalizing before the next day.

It’s hard to decide if compassion should replace anger. There are so many among us that need professional help and go unnoticed until it’s too late for them.

Andy Homan





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