District speculating with tax dollars

Writer takes issue with district purchasing property with expectation it will increase in value.

Regarding the property at 200 Main Street, Sicamous purchased for a half million dollars of taxpayers’ money:

The mayor and council of Sicamous do not have the right or the authority to purchase bare land which gives a zero dollar income on your investment.

There are people who specialize in investing money. Did council consult with anyone before going ahead with this bad investment?

The mayor stated in the Eagle Valley News that this property will be worth 1.5 million dollars in five years. Does anyone else in Sicamous with property really believe their property will triple in value in the next five years?

The mayor and council have no right to go into business against private enterprise, gambling with taxpayers’ dollars.

Look at all the vacant business buildings in Sicamous. This town has no industry, the schools are closing because there is no work for young people with children and yet our council is speculating on real estate.

As nothing productive or forward moving is happening in Sicamous, the mayor and council made moving the recycling containers their number one priority. (Really!)

Try to do something constructive for the community. Look a little deeper into bringing natural gas into Sicamous from Enderby down the old CPR right-of-way.

My name is Brian Oddy. I have lived in Sicamous since 1977. I believe this, and the fact that I have paid taxes in Sicamous these many years, gives me the right to express my opinion.

Brian Oddy


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