District could do better than parking

Writers argue there are better uses for district property near waterfront.

Re: “Proposal request out for hall demolition,” from the Nov. 20, Eagle Valley News, and the district wanting to turn the very valuable taxpayers’ property into a parking lot for 10 to 13 trucks and trailers.

Is that a good use for this great lot?

When the property is so close to the water, it should be used, I think, for locals and part-time locals, and our tourists instead, of paving it over for 10 to 13 parking spots.

I think it should go into a green space with picnic tables.

The beach park fills up really fast so we need more space. This area should be walking-friendly. Parking on this small space would be a hazard for everyone including the seniors. We just let a private business open a parking lot on Finlayson Street, so why not support them?

And what’s with our channel walkway? Is it on standstill? It’s not even being looked after; the rumour is that the Department of Fisheries and Oceans wouldn’t let the grass that’s growing through the decking be cut.

I talked to a fisheries person and they thought that was just ridiculous. It’s at the same height as the condos, so I don’t think the fish are going to be swimming up there. Maybe we have flying fish.

Anyway, I hope the district will give this a second thought.

Jake and Nush Gjatima


Eagle Valley News