Deer option worth exploring

Penticton council should look at offer to relocate deer before authorizing a slaughter of the animals

What a positive gesture from Dave Chaplin from the Orofino Nature Farm, Willowbrook; offering an alternative option to the planned slaughter of deer in and around Penticton. I totally support Dave in his offer to capture and relocate these beautiful deer to his wildlife farm.

I hope our council will seriously take Dave up on his offer, and instead of hiring ‘snipers’ to kill the deer, (why are we so quick to resort to guns to solve perceived problems?)  use the money instead to relocate these beautiful creatures to Dave’s protected wildlife habitat.

As I see it, this is the most sane way to handle these deer.  Must we traumatize our children and grandchildren by examples of such barbaric means of handling our wildlife, when there is this other, kinder, more compassionate way?

Laara Branzsen





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