CVRD treatment of Search and Rescue shameful

The way the regional district is evicting this group vital to public safety is just plain wrong

CVRD treatment of Search and Rescue shameful

I find myself appalled to write in support of a letter from Mr. Joe Sawchuk. In the past he and I have often disagreed, but I fear he has been (if anything) too kind in his criticisms of the manner in which the CVRD is treating Cowichan Search and Rescue.

The way the regional district is evicting this group vital to public safety from their headquarters at Bings Creek to make room for a committee to prepare for hypothetical future disasters is just plain wrong on so many levels.

The volunteers who serve us in Cowichan Search and Rescue perform a vital service at the expense of their personal time and safety, and in the event of the catastrophe the CVRD envisions, Search and Rescue will be among the first responders. Whatever disaster planning is done will be flawed without their inclusion. Further, Search and Rescue are the people who deal with the day to day emergencies that occur while the bureaucracy plans for worse. That their vital work is being disrupted is bad enough; that the CVRD itself did not include a plan for relocation in its announcement is frankly amazing.

Mr. Sawchuk has demonstrated many times in the past his ability to express scorn and contempt for what he considers bad ideas, but this time he has understated his case. It is shameful that these volunteers have been treated with such disrespect.

Every member of the public is put at risk by this foolishness. I am sure that Mr. Sawchuk will be surprised to agree with me when I demand that the CVRD board stop this ill-considered action until the district itself has found a satisfactory new location for either Search and Rescue or the new preparatory committee, and urge every citizen to personally contact his or her CVRD board member to protest this stunningly bad idea.

I am also sure I speak for the citizens of the entire district when I assure the volunteers at Search and Rescue that we are grateful for their tireless efforts on our behalf. Thank you for your service.

David Lowther

Mesachie Lake

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