CVRD not listening to the public on new weir

Nonsense that lakefront property owners have to be "educated" is an insult

CVRD not listening to the public on new weir

Ever notice that politicians and bureaucrats always provide answers to questions that were never asked?

Such is the example regarding the location of the new Lake Cowichan dam — yes a dam; as we were instructed by Mr. Wieren that “the public” must use the right terminology and be “educated” to know the difference between a weir and a dam.

Needless to say; the location of the new dam has, to my knowledge, never been proposed to be located anyplace else but where the existing weir is located. It does make good “fodder” however, and it also gives the public a belief that the weir committee and CVRD are listening to the public, which could not be further from the truth.

Although many other concerns about the design, construction and effects that the new dam will have on the families, homes and properties that surround the lake, Mr. Wieren tells us about the walkway that will now be added to the top of the dam. Little is said about the design of the weir and who is doing it or how that design will further impede water leaving the lake and how that water restriction will further impact property flooding or how massive amounts of debris will be removed from the entrance gates of the dam when the lake is in flood. Interesting that such important matters such as these and many more are seemingly ignored.

One can only imagine the extra costs that putting a walkway on top of a dam will incur. Obviously there will have to be some sort of railings to ensure nobody topples over the edge, there will have to be designated walkways, bicycle lanes, skateboard lanes and let’s not forget safety concerns such as lighting, floatation rings, lifeguards, etc.

All this because a few people thought it would be nice to be able to walk over the river at any time of year and at any cost.

And now we have yet another website created so these same politicians and bureaucrats can tell us that all the information, or at least some of it (the things you are supposed to know), will be posted on one of many different sites. How convenient.

Isn’t it ironic that the need for the original weir is brought into the discussion — that being supplying the paper mill at Crofton with water. Yet over the years we have been told by the owners of that paper mill that water usage from Cowichan River has dropped between 50-75 per cent. Has the water licence issued by the province ever been amended to reflect that change of need? The answer to that question is no.

Years ago during discussions with the government about changing the rule curve (the level of the water in the lake at different times of the year), when it was suggested that the paper mill was supplying the town of Crofton with fresh water from their allotment, the mayor of Crofton denied that they receive any water from the paper mill supply. So where is all that water going once it enters the Crofton pipe?

I wonder why politicians try to make themselves appear stupid? Atmospheric rivers — do politicians have a difficult time trying to keep things simple? Rain can be used Mr. Morrison, I really do think we understand the term rain.

Finally, for politicians and bureaucrats to continue spouting this nonsense that lakefront property owners have to be “educated” is an insult to each and every one of us. We live on the lake, we know the “good times and bad times” when it comes to dealing with the lake and we know that this present dam proposal is a waste of taxpayers’ money, but since we disagree with the CVRD we have to be re-educated.

Atmospheric rivers —rain — who needs to be re-educated? I’ll leave it to your readers to decide.

Greg Whynacht


Cowichan Valley Citizen

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