Shoppers pick over the last remaining items at the almost empty Sears store in Kelowna's Orchard Park Shopping Centre Monday. Monday was the store's last day.—Image: Alistair Waters/Capital News

Customer service

LETTER: Vernon shopper says better customer service could prevent demise of retail outlets

Christmas shopping starts earlier and earlier every year for some and then there are the procrastinators that wait for the last minute. That’s me.

I think if the brick and mortar stores are feeling the pinch from the growing popularity of online shopping, then I suggest these retailers look at better customer service.

Seems every store I shop in has the same situation, so no need to name stores. It is the long checkout lines because there are only two cashiers working two of the 10 checkouts. Why build them to begin with?

I think online shopping will keep getting more popular and traditional stores will suffer. It happened to Sears.

And don’t give me the excuse that we can’t find enough people to hire to work here. Especially if there is a supervisor standing around taking notes on their clipboard.

M. Bell


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