Crackdown on curbside dumping will cause hardship

I must add my voice to those protesting the crackdown on ‘curbside freebies.’

To the Editor,

Re: Illegal dumping bylaw will curb recycling, Letters, Sept. 20.

I must add my voice to those protesting the crackdown on ‘curbside freebies.’ I have disposed of many items at the curb myself. I have also picked up many useful items and find curbside recycling a terrific addition to our recycling program.

There will always be those who abuse things but I think the great majority who are ‘dumping’ on the curb have little choice. In the south end, there are many people on social assistance and just as many (if not more) who do not own vehicles. These people have trouble affording food, never mind paying people to take away old mattresses, etc.

If people are to be fined for dumping, the city needs to bring back regular large-item pickup so things can be disposed of legally.

Not only that, but how do you prove who did the dumping? I personally had an old mattress dumped in the alley behind my house. It was leaning on my fence, so would I be the one fined? I was able to dispose of the mattress because I own a van and of course, I had to pay the dumping fee as well. Hardly fair.

This policy must be revisited. The city needs to take responsibility for all its garbage, not just the stuff that fits in the garbage can.

Vivian JohnsonNanaimo

Nanaimo News Bulletin

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