Someone has placed these stickers recently on Capital News newspaper boxes.

COVID conspiracists tamper with Kelowna Capital News paper boxes

Setting the record straight

It has come to our attention that a certain number of our Kelowna Capital News paper boxes were tampered with by someone with ties to a publication devoted to COVID conspiracy theories.

Let us assure everyone who may have seen this unauthorized insert in any recent editions of the Capital News, it was not of our doing.

The publication in question goes against our editorial direction and is nothing we would support.

Our primary objective is that the content we directly control and publish online and in print, are not the vehicles of COVID misinformation.

The affected newspapers appear to be ones that were accessible in community boxes. The likely scenario is that someone came by shortly after the papers were delivered to the community boxes, and inserted the offensive material inside.

Black Press Media’s legal team is investigating the incident. If anyone has any information as to who is responsible for the tampering of our product, please contact Kelowna Capital News publisher Karen Hill at 250-763-3212 or

Thank you all for your continued support.

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