Cosens Bay Road

Residents concerned about conditions of road going through Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park

We live on Cosens Bay Road six months of the year and travel Cosens Bay Road several times a week during this time.

We find the entire road to be very nerve racking to travel due to the narrow width, blind corners, overgrown brush hanging over the roadway and never knowing what you will meet coming around the next corner.  It can be anything from families with strollers and small children, dogs, cyclists, horseback riders, wildlife, propane trucks, cement trucks, dump trucks and delivery trucks, etc. It is common practice to have to back up to a wider spot to let oncoming traffic pass.  There are a few areas that have been widened so vehicles can pass safely but we are finding more and more vehicles parked along these wider sections because of a dramatic increase in the use of the park.

No one, no matter what your means of travel is, can feel at ease using Cosens Bay Road. We love the park, and it is wonderful to see families, horseback riders and cyclists enjoying it as well.

They don’t have a choice but to use the road and we feel awful every time we pass a horse or a family because they have to get off the narrow road into the weeds, and then put up with the inevitable dust from our vehicle.

One January evening, we were heading home from Vernon. The sunny day had melted the snow on the road, the water froze and the road was a sheet of ice.

We turned around at the Cougar Canyon hikers’ parking lot because the next corner has no barrier, slopes to the outside of the road and we feared sliding over the bank into Kalamalka Lake hundreds of feet below. We returned to Vernon to find overnight accommodation until the road conditions improved enough to get home the next day.


Erik and Mary Hauberg

Cosens Bay



Vernon Morning Star