Corporations not hiding they are masters of the world

Josette Wier on corportate lobbying at the UN and in B.C.

Corporations do not even pretend they are not the masters of the world. At the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bonn [last] week, powerful corporate lobby organizations representing the fossil fuel industry, agri-business, etc. are very active there to get their servant governments to speak on their behalf.

The USA, Russia, Canada, etc. have succeeded in eradicating the wording “conflict of interest” (COI) in the proposal made by countries in the global South for submissions on the issue of non-party stakeholders at the UNFCCC meetings. They have also succeeded in eradicating the words “safeguard,” “integrity,” “reputation,” “legitimacy” of the Convention from the proposal that the Secretariat called for submissions, saying that these words imply that there could possibly be a problem with the participation of the industry lobby groups and there is no problem of COI and/or they do not understand what COI means and that the fossil fuel industry, etc. are the ones who will save the planet from climate change.

The USA, Russia, EU, Canada, etc. want no rules regarding the participation of industry lobby organizations. Please refer to The Guardian, May 17, 2017, theguardian.com/environment/2017/may/17/fossil-fuel-lobby-to-declare-interests-at-un-talks, and the New York Times


At our end, the BC Liberal government is doing exactly the same thing, bending to all demands of the Chinese-owned Nexen company for its proposal for the largest LNG plant in B.C. on Digby Island (Aurora) near Prince Rupert. The BC Environmental Assessment gave Aurora a suspension of 180 days for the review process but did not bother to let the public know about it, not in a news release on the website, not even to the almost 500 people who bothered to send detailed comments on the proposal.

This total disregard for the public is the earmark of corporations taking over not only our commons but also our governance. Do not be surprised if you see Nexen invited by the Chamber of Commerce to give a presentation on their proposed project telling you how much they care for your health and the environment.

Josette Wier


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