Cordova Bay club provides opportunities for youth

Cordova Bay Community Club does not program events, it only arranges rentals

I am the hall manager for the Cordova Bay Community Club (CBCC). I am also a badminton coach and a longtime user of the hall. I am also a contact for anyone needing knowledge on where to play badminton in Greater Victoria.

I am responding to the Diane Mellott letter. She is correct in saying there will be no programing for youth to play recreationally at the hall. CBCC does not program anything. CBCC only arranges rentals. In fact there is currently no available space for youth recreational play. Yet there are opportunities for youth to have lessons for 12 hours a week in a group situation. There are nine different drop-in programs that youth join in. There are also five private groups of families and church members that have recreational play sessions that include youth and I’m sure some of those groups will gladly allow other youth the opportunity to join them. When the new addition is completed, there will then be space and time available for the youth.

As a coach and a program organizer I’ve observed youth with various skill levels playing badminton. I coach three autistic children, one child under the age of four, two under the age of 10 and several other teenagers in this facility.

And lastly, I have been doing a bottle drive now for four years fundraising for the youth. I currently have raised $4,000.

The youth are our future. Let’s help to make a safe space for them to grow and what a better place than Cordova Bay’s own backyard.

Mary-Jo Randall





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