Controlled growth needed

Cordova Bay resident says the feeling in the community is “too much, too fast”, as four developments are planned for the community

I would like to respond to the Feb. 15 front-page article “Saanich’s growth fails to keep pace with region.” Is this supposed to be bad news?  Does Saanich want to compete with Colwood and Langford?

Here in Cordova Bay, the feeling among residents is, “too much, too fast”, as four developments, (two large), are planned for the community;  public meetings are being cancelled at short notice; other meetings are taking place behind closed doors; developers are backing out; the Official Community Plan is being ignored;  protests are growing and we have a new group called Cordova Village Vision which is calling for a moratorium on development until we have a growth strategy for the community.

This is not a NIMBY reaction, this is common sense. We have only one road going through this seaside village which has always had a semi-rural ambience; we have families, seniors, lots of people walking dogs, cyclists on Lochside Drive, a way of life that will be destroyed if the developers continue to dominate Saanich council.

This little corner of Saanich is saying ‘slow down’. We are saying it is time to  draw up another Official Community Plan with a growth strategy that includes citizen input and which is sane for this area.

Val Boswell



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