Consideration needed for pedestrians

Consideration needed for pedestrians

LETTER: Close call prompts resident to urge for more attention from drivers

To the older lady with straight chin length blonde hair and glasses who almost hit me one evening. I was walking with the walk light on across the east side of the highway and 30th Ave about 6:20 pm on Dec. 1. I had a large flourescent reflective vest and two big reflective bands on my wrists. You almost drove into me. I was walking in the crosswalk when the walk signal was on. I stood there and held my arms out so you would see me. I am really upset that drivers do not look or consider pedestrians that are doing the right thing when they cross. I was shaking for the rest of the evening after this happened. What will it take for you drivers to be more careful? I want something done in this town so that ther is not another fatality. I am doing everything I can to be safe – what are you drivers doing for us pedestrians?

I believe the highways act of BC needs to be changed so that pedestriaqns can cross without cars turning at the same time. Why is this? It sounds like Russian roulette to me. Can traffic laws be changed so that pedestrians have a dedicated amount of time to cross without cars turning into their path at the same time?

I want to warn all drivers that if you can not see pedestrians – do not drive!

I have had several other close calls when I cross 39th Ave at the highway (32nd Street). This is a very dangerous intersection. Another very dangerous place is the crosswalk on 39th Ave by the curling club and Hillside Terrace apartments. This is really, really bad. With lots of reflective gear and a bright strobe flashlight and the crosswalk lights flashing I can usually get the traffic to stop so that I can cross.

Let’s stick up for each other and make this town safe for pedestrians before there is another fatality.

Christine Schmidt

Vernon Morning Star