Conservatives confuse with use of childcare campaign slogan

I want to clarify confusion which may be caused by Steven Harper’s use of the slogan “Money in Your Pocket”.

I want to clarify confusion which may be caused by Steven Harper’s use of the slogan “Money in Your Pocket”.

This slogan has been used by child care advocates in B.C. since 2010, to gain attention and educate the public about the plan for a $10 a day child care system for B.C. The B.C. government has told advocates they do not have money to implement the plan and that they need federal dollars. Two million people in B.C. now endorse the plan for a variety of reasons including economic wisdom.

Stephen Harper claims to have implemented a national universal child care benefit. What he has implemented is not measurable and does not work for families who are struggling to first find, and then afford to pay upwards of $1,000 a month for child care service. (Corporate child care charges upwards of $1,500 month.) What he has implemented is not measurable. Taxpayers will not see results/outcomes for the money he has distributed because it cannot be measured. It is in fact like money down the drain, ka-ching, ka-ching.

The NDP, on the other hand, promise to invest in child care and early learning. When money flows to the provinces we in B.C. are ready with a plan which will be measurable. It shall include the Early Learning Framework which has already been approved by the B.C. government.

The Conservatives state concern about “institutionalized” care. I hope their leaders begin to talk with early childhood educators, licensed family home care providers and other community professionals about that, whatever it is!

We all have a responsibility to work together to provide the best that Canada can afford for our young children. It is time to invest in children and to evaluate the process to make sure outcomes include better health, happiness, and economic prosperity while respecting the First Nations culture, respecting diversity and fully aware of the rights of the child.


Mary Dolan

Advocate for children and families

Cowichan Valley Citizen