Congratulations and happy retirement

The author thanks the editor for her work and wishes her a happy retirement.

Dear Editor

On behalf of the Cache Creek Beautification Society we would like to convey our very deepest thanks and highest regard for Wendy Coomber’s work as Editor of the Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal. We have benefitted from so many aspects of her work including her amazing photographs, her love for the people of the area, the vast array of sensitive, caring and warmly human editorials, her passion for nature and the earth, and her good common sense and deep respect for high ethical standards and good journalism.

From a Cache Creek perspective, we thank Wendy Coomber for ensuring that our voice and the voice of our community was not lost but that our unique qualities as a Village and citizenry were understood and respected. We thank her for the many events where she was called upon to cover that were outside of ‘work hours’. We thank her for a quality job, done without fanfare or self-aggrandizement. We thank her for helping us understand each other, our area, our history, our events, our concerns and the concerns of others, and for introducing and reminding us of some things that we ought to be concerned about.

In celebrating Wendy’s retirement we think of the many community groups that Wendy has been a critical part of at the same time as her work as our local newspaper editor. We are aware of her work as Treasurer and Secretary of the Cache Creek Beautification Society, leading the way through our incorporation as a society and leading many projects such as Communities in Bloom, Seedy Saturday, and playing an important role in the management of the Cache Creek Market. We are also aware of many other groups that have benefitted from her volunteer work including the Cache Creek Official Community Plan committee, Ashcroft Branding/Wellness committee, the Ashcroft & District Fall Fair, her volunteer work connected with the Cache Creek Flood, leading the local Christmas Bird Count, teaching photography and herb gardening sessions, and playing recorder – just to name a few!  We are thrilled that she will continue to live in our area and that her contributions as a volunteer will hopefully continue. We also hope that Wendy will take time to do even more of what she loves and enjoys.

Congratulations and happy retirement to not only a great editor but also a great and caring person.

Carmen Ranta

President, Cache Creek Beautification Society



Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal