Concertgoers are to quick to leave concert hall

Why do people leave before the end of a concert? It’s just plain rude.

To the editor:

The new season of the Kelowna Community concert series has begun and people are leaving in droves.

Why do people leave before the end of a concert?

It’s just plain rude to both performer(s) and audience members when you get up and head out that door, as though something is on fire.

Now, it’s not because these folks have a babysitter waiting as the majority of attendees are 70-plus years of age.

Have they never been to a concert, remained until the artists completely finished, the audience applauds, artists briefly leave the stage then return to play an encore? That’s more performance for those of you who left early and have never experienced such an event.

Occasionally, there is more than one encore for a lucky audience.

When it’s really over, then you politely rise and as you slowly leave the hall, make comments to others regarding how wonderful it was to listen to and see such a lovely concert.

Why, you may even pause to great a neighbor or friend that you haven’t seen in many years and agree to meet over coffee.

That is what you are missing when you leave early. Going to a concert is an event. It’s something to be appreciated and enjoyed, not rushed in and out of like so many do.

You know who you are. Stop it.

At the next concert, close your eyes, take a deep breath and listen. Relax. Enjoy.

Isn’t that why you bought season tickets in the first place?

Suzanne Bonin,


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