Comox Valley recycling depots not working

Dear editor,
Re: Cost of garbage collection increasing.

Dear editor,Re: Cost of garbage collection increasing.I don’t blame Emterra for getting a increase in costs. I am putting the blame on the past city councillors and the CV Regional District and past boards for their incompetence on the way the landfill is run.We, the people of Courtenay and Comox (Royston and Cumberland), pay dearly for the removal of our waste, recycle and yard waste and every year the cost keeps increasing.While the people who live in the RD (including board members) are on a pay-as-you-go system and it is flawed, they can throw anything away, including all recyclables, large amounts of yard waste, TVs, beds.And none of it is sorted and it all goes straight in to the landfill and they are allowed three large cans while we are allowed only one can. And all we hear from the RD is that we are running out of room at the landfill so we must raise our rates to make people throw away less.Well, it is time for you guys to wake up and see that this is 2012 not 1955 when you could throw away anything you want.The recycle depots you have around the area are not working. They are always a mess and have become a dumping ground for garbage and a haven for bums and the homeless.The garbage companies that are doing the pickups (not the City contractor) are supposed to police themselves, but this is not happening. We are told to take everything as not to offend the customer.The RD needs to put a recycle program that works, not this sorry excuse of a system they have now. It’s like a Band-Aid on a gaping wound and otherwise rates will keep going up and up.Every year the people who live in the city must give a portion of our taxes to the RD for landfill use. I think the City should withhold this payment until we have to stop subsidizing the people who live in the RD till a proper recycle and yard waste system is in place and the garbage companies start holding up their part.And I see there is a transfer station been built in Campbell River because their dump is at its maximized so is their garbage coming here and are our rates going to increase next year because we are running out of room again?Kendall Bonevitch,Courtenay

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