Comox Valley Beefs and Bouquets for the first week of 2018

Comox Valley Beefs and Bouquets for the first week of 2018

Beefs to the RCMP, bouquets to a certain woodcarver

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Although the post will be anonymous, include a contact name and phone number, because there’s a draw every week for a meal for two from Dairy Queen. This week’s winner is Linda Weicker.


EMPTY CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS to the lazy people who take shopping carts from the stores and do not return them, and instead leave them on private property because they get fined if they leave them in their apartment lots. There are six of them on my street now. Buckets of coal to the stores. Why not pay someone to return them, or put an alarm or something in your parking lots so they cannot be removed from store property? I’m sure the cost would be cheaper than the loss of the carts.

THE RCMP STATE that the trucks adorned with seasonal Christmas lights cannot travel through residential areas at 10 kilometres/hour because they could be “distracting for drivers.” Wow. All of those who have over-decorated their yards and homes with thousands of flashing lights, flashing floodlights, and 20-foot inflatable animals, snowmen, reindeer, etc. You better watch out! You definitely distract drivers as they enjoy the effort and fun you have created. You may well be next on the list of things we can’t enjoy because we need to protect all the people who are on the “Darwin plan.”

TO THE RCMP inspector attempting to impersonate the Grinch, give your head a shake. If you and your constables spent half as much time ticketing people who break traffic rules every day, instead of whining about some businesses and truck drivers trying to make Christmas just a little bit better, for sick kids and seniors we would be far better off. Use a little common sense, just for a change. Yes there will always be someone who complains about anything good people do to improve someone’s experience at Christmas, but your inability and lack of accommodation on these lights just confirms many people’s opinions about your priorities and concerns for this community.

I WAS SENT to the new hospital for an X-ray recently. Coming off of Veterans Way there is a left turn into the hospital. There is no left turn light, however, so I had to wait for the light to turn yellow to make it in. There was nobody in the information booth. The signs are so small that it is hard to see. After finding the X-ray department I was told to go to check in. I went back and finally found somebody that knew what to do. I asked her about the signs and she started laughing, saying that lots of people complained but Island Health refused to make them more obvious. I had my X-ray and then went for a coffee. It was a good thing I was still in the hospital, as I almost had a stroke when I was charged $3.70 for a small cup of coffee. What a crock.

A HUGE BOUQUET of catnip to Claudia Naaykins and Larrisa Whitby, the founders of Kitty Cat Pals (KCP). The organization celebrated 10 years of operation this year. Thanks to the many volunteers who have helped find, care for, and adopt out the many kittens and cats. Thanks also to the volunteers that who clean cages and help socialize the kittens. Everyone plays an important part in making KCP a success.

A HUGE CHRISTMAS poinsettia to the many community individuals, groups and businesses that worked tirelessly during this Christmas season to help those in need. But the biggest bouquet goes to all of the citizens of the Comox Valley who found it in their hearts to support all of the wonderful causes.

I HAVE READ the submissions about the Crown Isle Christmas Party fee. It does seem strange to me, that the company that owns Crown Isle and benefits from its popularity would not pay for the Christmas party itself. A thank you to all the residents living there that have contributed to the financial success of this community. Over the past few years, this company has benefited greatly from the increased price of the lots sold here. It is Christmas, a time of sharing, why wouldn’t this company want to share its windfall with the very people that have made Crown Isle what it is?

REGARDING THE TRUCKS having to remove their Christmas lights. Apparently someone has a beef with this, as the company has been told to remove the lights because it might distract other drivers. But shouldn’t this be a bouquet? It would get the unsafe distracted drivers looking at something outside of their vehicles.

A HUGE A+ of bouquets to the two amazing ladies that work at Staples in the copy centre. Without them, I would have never got through school. A million thanks for helping a printer-lacking, computer-illiterate adult student get though my course! I’m done ladies, and graduated too with help from you!

GRATEFUL THANKS TO Matt, the young Costco employee who cheerfully went out of his way to find me a box with the right dimensions for a Christmas gift. Your willingness to help and sincere smile do you credit. With such an attitude you will go far.

A BUNCH OF bio-degradable, locally grown and organic flowers to Home Hardware for their paper bags for screws and nails instead of plastic, non-recyclable bags. Plastic is wreaking havoc in the ocean and breaking down into minute particles that we are beginning to find in seafood. Every attempt to replace plastic with paper or cardboard is fantastic.

I WANT TO thank the community residents of the Ridge for decorating the trees on the side of the road on the way up to our homes. What a pleasure to see. Your Christmas lights are spectacular on the homes too. And a special thank you to Santa Claus, who made a special visit on Thursday to meet everyone. Now all we need is a visit from the beautiful decorated trucks before Christmas. Oops, I forgot. Mr. Grinch took that away from our Valley. Maybe his heart will grow 10 times the size and he will look the other way. Happy Holidays everyone.

BIG BEEF TO the bicyclists that ride on the river walkway. None of the riders call out or ring a bell to let people know they are coming up behind them. I have jumped out of my skin many times as these bicyclists ride past me without any warnings.

THE EMTERRA DRIVERS and swampers would like to thank the residents of the Comox Valley and Campbell River for the generous curb-side gifts that they have received throughout the year and over the holiday season. They are very much appreciated. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

TO DR. JUDITH at Shamrock Vet Clinic, I send whatever delights you as much as catnip for the felines you care for. Your technical skill, comprehensive knowledge, compassion, steadfastness, and advocacy for animals, gives me deep comfort and inspiration. I especially appreciate the sense of space and timelessness you gave to us as Dusky transitioned to the spirit realm.

BUCKETS OF FLAT BEER to the man who cut in front of me at the liquor store on the morning of Dec. 22. You, sir, were not the next person and you acknowledged that. It would have taken you two seconds to repair your actions. I’m blown away by the people like you in this town, who appear to have no class or manners. I chose to live my life being kind and respectful of others and hope that even a small amount of that helps to make my community a better, happier place. I would so much rather do that than be rude like you.

A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to the junior Grandbuddies from Mrs. Lewis/Mrs. Volckers’ class at Aspen Park Elementary. Thank you for being such wonderful companions to the residents in extended care at The Views!

AS WE NO LONGER deal with pennies why do retailers still price merchandise at $1.99, $1.97, etc. They must think we are all stupid. Wish they would just round things off. So annoying.

BOUQUETS to the Christmas-Spirited people of Williams Road – Farquharson Drive. Your neighbourhood is like a Winter Wonderland.

EMCON SERVICES INC. Here is hoping you salt Headquarters Road before it snows, as you did on Ryan Hill. It gets pretty slippery, especially when you don’t plow it right away. Seeing as it is one of the major roads, having previously been a highway some years ago. It would also make sense to do the side roads (salting also, due to ice on hilly side roads) at the same time, because to come back at a later time is not cost-effective and just plain doesn’t make sense! Take it from one of two vehicles who had a rollover the same day, due to you not clearing Headquarters Road by noon that day.

WARMEST BOUQUETS to the gentleman who helped me turn my car around on 6th Street East Hill on Christmas Eve. Thank you ever so much. Your kindness in that slippery situation was greatly appreciated.

BOUQUET to the ‘lady with the coffee’ at White Spot who paid for our family lunch Dec 22. Our children are passing on the story of your kindness.

THE UN-COVETED “Scrooge of the Year” award goes to the detachment commander of the RCMP Courtenay detachment. In my 33 years of law enforcement I have never witnessed such disastrous public relations decision as the one he has taken to halt trucks decorated with Christmas lights from traveling the streets of our city. Scores of citizens, both young and old wait for this colourful goodwill display. Similar initiatives take place in communities all around us. Local charities benefit from the collecting of goods by the occupants of these Christmas trucks. What was he thinking! Instead of facilitating the event, his inflexible option is disheartening indeed. Another charitable and colourful event takes place every year on local highways. It disrupts traffic and yes, could even be categorized as a safety hazard. I refer to the cycle ride on the Island Highway called “Cops for Cancer.” Will the RCMP now be preventing that event from happening?

TO THE CREATOR of the wonderful little wooden animals around town, you made Christmas special. Love the doe and fawn near Rexall and also the one on Kilpatrick. Will keep my eyes open for more around town. Delightful to say the least! Just hope you got as much joy out of making them as people do at seeing them.

TO THE PEOPLE who decorate trees in park lands. Please don’t. We live near Puntledge River and there are some lovely trails through the woods around here – the Ruth Masters Greenway, Morrison Nature Park, Puntledge Park. Each year I come across decorated trees in these lovely green spaces. Trees with highly breakable ornaments, plastic junk, and shiny stuff. We humans seem to need to put our print on everything. Can’t we just leave a little bit alone for once? The city has wisely put aside these small but hugely important nature parks for the enjoyment of all. All includes other species. Please don’t junk them up.

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