Communication worries minority

Re: Survey says most citizens satisfied, July 26.

To the Editor,

Re: Survey says most citizens satisfied, July 26.

Of respondents, 62 per cent said they were satisfied with how the city communicates to its citizens.

Mayor John Ruttan points out that one of the messages “that came through loud and clear” is concern over lack of communication between city hall and the electorate.

I do not see 38 per cent as a majority.

I’d like to see a referendum on the hiring of a so-called ‘communications manager’, plus who knows how many flunkies.

Anybody who ever calls any city department knows that our staff will get you all the answers you want or they’ll get someone who can.

It’s council that won’t answer a question about their in camera meetings.

Like when they bought the city block before the conference centre referendum.

Neil Saunders


Nanaimo News Bulletin