COLUMNS: Seafood supreme highlights delicacies of fresh water and ocean

I was going through my freezer and found a couple of trout fillets, much to my surprise, because I thought they had all been used.

I was going through my freezer and found a couple of trout fillets, much to my surprise, because I thought they had all been used a few months ago.

There are so many ways to cook trout that makes this fish very tasty.

Trout, like salmon, can be used in combination with other seafood.

I was thinking about a soup, or a salad, or maybe add some prawns and scallops in a stir-fried dish.

I wasn’t quite sure what I would do, but I did know there would have to be garlic.

I love garlic and could almost put it on my cereal in the morning.

Before I found the fish in the freezer I found this recipe that I had first made in about 2002 and, because it was hand written, suggested I picked up this dish from somebody and scribbled it down so there would be some recording of this if I wanted to try this seafood recipe.

It wasn’t difficult to decide how I was going to cook the trout, prawns and scallops, once I pulled the recipe from my desk drawer.

Ken’s Seafood Supreme

• Three tbsp butter

• Three tbsp olive oil

• Four garlic cloves  chopped

• Eight  tiger  prawns.

• One  dozen small scallops

• Two trout fillets from 16-inch trout (you could use salmon, if you don’t have trout).

• One half cup white wine

• Seasoned sea salt and pepper to taste

• Chives or onion tops for decoration

In a medium hot frying pan put in butter, olive oil and two cloves of garlic chopped.

After heating the garlic for five minutes shut off the pan and let all the ingredients get happy together.

One hour later turn the heat on under pan until medium and then add one-quarter cup of wine.

Maintain on medium heat for about 10 minutes or until a nice syrupy sauce is left.

Turn off heat under pan then  add scallops and prawns.

Leave for one hour. This gives time for the scallops and prawns to snuggle up to the fine tasting sauce of garlic and wine.

After an hour turn on the heat to medium, take out prawns and scallops.

Add the rest of the wine and garlic and let this cook on medium for about five minutes.

Put the fish in the pan, and when the fish is almost done return the prawns and scallops and cook all together for a few more minutes.

Use seasoning sea salt to taste along with a little pepper.

Serve prawns and scallops over fish, then pour the rest of sauce over the dish.

The actual cooking does not take much time, but you do have to organize this dish somewhat because it does take some time to let the flavours meld together and get really happy.

Have fun cooking!

Bye for now and GOOOOOD COOKING.

Ken Wilson is a freelance writer with the Tribune/Weekend Advisor.

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