COLUMNS: Lucky to be able to spend Christmas in Canada

The gift of being a Canadian, living in this country, being free, and having the opportunity to celebrate Christmas.

The gift of being a Canadian, living in this country, being free, and having the opportunity to celebrate Christmas the way we like, is one great gift.

To be able to have big feasts at Christmas time is something we should cherish, because there are many who only have enough food for a meagre subsistence and their living conditions are not the best.

I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and we could open a jar a week.

Wow! That would be spectacular.

You know how people seem to be more friendly at this time of the year.

If we all had one jar of Christmas spirit each week, we would happier throughout the year.

I had very happy Christmas seasons growing up in Saskabush.

There were Santa’s elves riding on horse-drawn sleighs going through our community.

I made calls to Santa Claus 10 days before Christmas and my uncle did a great job of imitating St. Nick.

I figured Santa must be pretty smart ‘cause he seemed to know a lot about me.

My parents, grandparents, great grandma, uncles and aunts had so much fun playing up Christmas along with the Santa Claus stuff.

It’s neat to look back at Christmases past and remember a lot of fun times.

We can all be young at heart at Christmas and enjoy Santa, no matter what our physical age may be.

We should be thankful we live in a country where we can choose to celebrate Christmas in the traditional Away in a Manger style and go to church, or not, as we want.

We can choose Christmas cards for inspiration or one that simply says, “happy holiday.”

We should be very thankful that we can enjoy the Christmas season with loved ones, friends and acquaintances and be thankful for this wonderful country and a great Cariboo Chilcotin.

We have so much here and we should really be in the spirit of Christmas, after all it is only next week, when we get to celebrate big time.

Merry Christmas everyone, may your spirit be bright.

Ken Wilson is a freelance columnist with the Tribune/Advisor.

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