A Cowichan dad dreams of starting his own band. (submitted)

Column: Why is a Cowichan dad band a pipe dream?

Picture it: A garage full of moustached dads clad in their dad jeans

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw David Armstrong’s message seeking a drummer for his “dad band” was some type of scene from the ’70s or ’80s. I don’t even know why.

Picture it: A garage full of moustached dads clad in their dad jeans, their beer in stubby bottles, at least one bald guy, and another with glasses (and another they like to tease for always bringing donuts) all rocking out to the oldies. One guy’s always late, another’s an accountant… that kind of thing. I haven’t met Mr. Armstrong but a quick peak at his Facebook page — hey hey I’m a reporter! I was doing research, not creeping on him! — leads me to believe he could fill one or two of those positions himself.

Armstrong and his friend used to play music together before they had kids and well, any parent knows life changes a whole lot when kids happen. But some time has passed and the children aren’t as needy as they once were so Armstrong is ready to consider making a comeback.

“The kids are getting old enough that we can get out the house occasionally,” he noted the other day.

Armstrong is originally from Blackpool on the west coast of England and his friend is from Japan. The diversity could add a little international flair to their music but really, Armstrong said, they just like to play “dad rock.”

“We’re both Permanent Residents so we joke that we need to find a drummer who is one too (and is a dad or mum of course),” he said. In truth though, even a Cowichan original would be welcomed.

They’re not looking to be the next big thing, or even to be a regular thing. Armstrong isn’t sure if he’ll get the band off the ground or not: “[It’s] just pipe dreams…” he told me.

But why does it have to be a pipe dream? If you’re wondering, Oxford defines the phrase as “An unattainable or fanciful hope or scheme.”

First, it’s totally attainable. This is evidenced by the fact that people have responded to his Facebook message looking for a drummer. Not any actual drummers mind you, but perhaps he just needs a bigger reach.

There’s got to be a dad (or mom) drummer out there that wants to get out of their house for a couple hours every now and then and get a little parenting frustration out by beating on something other than the pillows or a flank steak?

Second, is it a fanciful hope or scheme? If fanciful means unrealistic or over-imaginative (note: it does) then I’d argue having a dad band isn’t fanciful. They’re not looking for great fame and fortune. My guess is they wouldn’t even be able to sell out their basement.

Finally, OK, it may totally be a scheme. Because let’s be honest, some of us with young children would do just about anything to get out of the house sometimes. But that’s not bad parenting. That’s just survival. And if you agree, I understand there’s an up-and-coming dad band out there waiting for you to join.

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