Column: Plenty of options for Easter food delights

May the Easter Bunny leave some nice chocolate Easter eggs for you.

Happy Easter, everyone.

May the Easter Bunny leave some nice chocolate Easter eggs for you.

There is more chocolate sold for Easter than at any other time except for Christmas.

Also, some nice coloured Easter eggs for the kids or get the goodies and let them decorate on their own.

So what are you having special to eat for this weekend?

A breakfast idea might be to create a nice vegetable omelet with a little crisp bacon crumbled to go into the egg dish.

Some fresh fruit to go along with your first meal of the day would make it a nice meal to get your day underway.

For lunch a nice simple salad with some fresh baked buns would be tasty.

For dinner it would be a toss up between ham, turkey, chicken and lamb.

If you go with ham, there are a number of recipes that will make your Easter dinner complete.

If you are using a bone-in ham try some maple syrup mixed with yellow mustard and butter for a baste.

If using a cooked ham you can go with pineapple juice mixed with apricot jelly to baste the meat while cooking.

Scalloped potatoes with some cheddar cheese and chopped onion makes a nice dish or you could do the same only using sweet potatoes.

Maybe some whole carrots cooked in the oven and some peas could help round out the main meal of the day.

Of course, for an ending to the great Easter dining, try a nice dessert.

Perhaps something like a lemon pie would work out, or a lemon white chocolate cheesecake (this would be my choice.)

Make sure to have some nice lily flowers around the house.

Lilies are a symbol of the resurrection according to Christians as they commemorate the crucifiction of Jesus Christ.

May your Easter dinner be one of health and happiness.

Bye for now and Goood Cooking.

Ken Wilson is a freelance columnist with the Tribune/Weekend Advisor.

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