Column: Age not a factor in bringing positive change

When Walt Cobb was campaigning for Mayor last November I heard comments saying he’s too old and his time has gone by politically.

When Walt Cobb was campaigning for Mayor last November I heard comments saying he’s too old, his time has gone by politically and he should be retired.

Why would his age be a question, or was that something conjured by the mayoralty opponents?

Walt was sworn in as the oldest mayor to win an election in Williams Lake.

The oldest serving mayor in Canada was 93-year-old Hazel McCallion of Mississauga, Ont., who retired last November.

Those who know Walt would say he is a life-experienced individual, a person who has grown through being a community volunteer, a business owner along with councillor and mayor for the city. He also served a term as Cariboo Chilcotin MLA.

Along with being a husband and father it all amounts to a lot of experience.

You get some pretty interesting experiences just knocking on all of the doors he has done while campaigning and his time in Victoria as MLA.

I know how difficult it is on many days just to keep up with him and he certainly is not afraid to put in long hours to get the job done.

Those who were suggesting Walt was over the hill and was too ancient to be the head dude running our city should know now, in three short months, this life experienced individual and his council are bringing smarts and strong leadership for the city of Williams Lake.

This might sound like a commercial for Walt Cobb, but it is intended, however, to point out that older people with a lot of life experiences can still make a difference.

Donna Barnett, our MLA, is close to Walt’s age and her knowledge and skills have made her an excellent representative on the provincial stage.

Donna is a very hard worker and I’ll wager many folk would have a difficult time keeping up with this lady. Also, there are not many places in the legislature to have a nap.

Tricky Dickie, Dick Harris, our federal member of Parliament, is not exactly a youngster and his life experiences have helped some conservative ideas come through.

The next time someone says to you age may be a hindrance in accomplishing some things, tell them to open their eyes to the experiences these ‘older folk’ have had to guide them over the years.

By the way: no one ever had the jam to tell former Williams Lake city councillor Hazel Huckvale she was too old to be on council and do other things, like driving.

Ken Wilson is a freelance columnist with the Tribune/Weekend Advisor.

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