Coldstream Women’s Institute has a long history

"The Coldstream Women’s Institute will carry on in a different place. We are more than just the hall."

The District of Coldstream has purchased the Coldstream Women’s Institute Hall.

We are pleased that the hall will continue to be used by the community.  Any enquiries regarding rentals, please call the Coldstream district office.

We extend a big thank you to our long-time renters. Their support helped pay the bills.

For years we have worked with the Lavington Ladies group. We joined with them to host the Coldstream Day tea at the ranch. Some poured tea, some served and others swatted flies.  We have worked together to raise funds, sharing the work and enjoying friendships. Thank you.

We are proud of our 82 year commitment and service in our community.

Many have memories and ties to the hall; family celebrations, Guides and Scouts.  Perhaps you received one of our memorial scholarships, participated in Coldstream’s 100th anniversary and signed the centennial quilt hanging in the hall.

Maybe you attended Remembrance Day services sponsored by our Women’s Institute or came to the hall to enjoy speakers or programs we hosted.

We have memories too, catering gone wrong, gray scrambled eggs and lumpy gravy.

We have had lots of laughs and some anxious moments, blowing fuses and setting off the smoke alarm. We remember stacks of dishes and heaps of tea towels to wash.  We remember too, members no longer with us.

Our thanks to all who have supported CWI for so long. We’ve had a comfortable relationship with the community and it’s endured.

The Coldstream Women’s Institute will carry on in a different place. We are more than just the hall.

We will continue to provide scholarships and donate to our charities. Maintaining our WI affiliations in B.C., across Canada and world-wide will continue.

We are working on organizing and preserving our history.

It will be a time-consuming task. We have many bins, boxes and bags to sort, 82 years worth.  Much of our history mirrors the history of Coldstream.

Our motto is, “For home and country.” That hasn’t changed.

The contact number for Coldstream WI  is  250-542-8878.


Shirley Libby, CWI director



Vernon Morning Star