Climate change

Resident expresses their thoughts on the issue of global warming

Further to Dan Davis’ letter to the editor, carbon dioxide (CO2) is not poisonous to humans, and plants do thrive on it.

We, and most other animals, exhale CO2 with each breath and plants convert it into life-giving oxygen and carbon fibre, also known as cellulose.

However, carbon monoxide (CO) is poisonous to animal life as it is deficient one oxygen molecule which it immediately absorbs from our body as we breathe it in.

Also, you seem to be totally unaware that we are continuing to recover from the last ice age.

On the other hand, I agree that we should be doing everything reasonably and economically possible to reduce our human footprint on our planet, including controlling an exploding birth rate.

It seems to me that we are losing the environmental battle to the billions of new bodies who wish to consume everything from food to footwear at the same rate as western industrial societies.

Tell me, what is your solution to that accelerating trend?

Kel Derek



Vernon Morning Star