City urged to reconsider

Resident upset over cosmetic use of pesticides in parks

While attending the Bike to Work wrap-up barbecue recently, I was dismayed to discover that the City of Vernon continues its cosmetic pesticide spraying program.

The signage at the event stated that Par III  (a mixture of the toxic 2,4-D, Mecoprop, and Dicamba) had just been applied.

Yes, the area had been cordoned off with “warning do not enter” tape but that didn’t stop the three or four children under the age of six who were chasing their frisbees and rolling around on the grass, with their parents’ backs to them.

When my now teenage children were babies, we petitioned the city to stop pesticide application for non-essential purposes.

There is overwhelming evidence that these chemicals are toxic to humans and are harmful to our environment.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, there are entire bans of cosmetic pesticide use in seven provinces and more than 40 B.C. municipalities.

As concerned parents, we are again requesting a  moratorium on non-essential pesticide application in the City of Vernon,  especially with the sidewalk crack and crevice program where there is no signage and on public spaces where  our young children and pets play.

Thankfully, our school district has already banned cosmetic application of pesticides.

I hope the City of Vernon will reconsider its non-essential pesticide spraying policy and that this is the last time we see yellow crime scene tape around our public green spaces.

Please help to make Vernon a healthier community for our future generations.

Kerry Carlson



Vernon Morning Star