City needs to consider rail safety issues

Moving goods across the country in timely fashion is their (CPR’s) main goal.

I’d like to comment on Martha Wickett’s piece April 9 on the CPR, “Dangerous goods travel via railway daily.”

In this article Mr. LoVecchio is quoted as saying “he wants to see the Marine Park underpass go ahead.”

Moving goods across the country in timely fashion is their (CPR’s) main goal and to achieve that goal they are more than willing to contribute to the building of any underpass.

This would allow them to fence off the two existing level crossings and rumble through town at a much faster rate than cautiously slowing their speed for eventualities at the two existing level crossings.

Ironically, the derailment at Lac-Mégantic was also mentioned by Mr. LoVecchio in an effort to “step up emergency process.” The Transportation Safety Board, as part of their independent investigation into the disaster that killed 47 people, destroyed 40 buildings and spilled millions of litres of crude oil in the town, lake and nearby river, cited “speed” as one of the contributing factors.

Was this concern voiced by anyone on our city staff or our elected council during Mr. LoVecchio’s “planning” presentation?

As I understand, our current OCP labelled the underpass as “low priority.”

Those on city staff and council bent on forging ahead with this project have clearly demonstrated the only planning questions they have (on our behalf) is “how much is the CPR willing to contribute?”


Duncan Morris

Salmon Arm Observer

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