Citizen’s Bylaw could change the look of Comox council

I am creating a new Citizen’s Bylaw, hereafter known as Bylaw C-1, to become effective immediately.

Dear editor,

The Town Council of Comox has made it so effortless to strike down existing bylaws and create new ones that it now seems that any citizen of Comox must have the same privilege. As the first person to take advantage of this new freedom to rewrite the rules, I am creating a new Citizen’s Bylaw, hereafter known as Bylaw C-1, to become effective immediately. It reads as follows:

Any councillor of the Town of Comox who belittles, chastises, defames or dismisses as unimportant any citizen of the Town of Comox is hereby considered to have overstepped the bounds of common decency and is no longer considered to be a fitting representative of said town, thereby becoming subject to instant dismissal. Upon obtaining the approval of 12 citizens of the Town of Comox, any resident of said town may call for the immediate curtailment of said councillor’s duties and that councillor shall be duly fired from the position of town councillor.

The first application of this new Citizen’s Bylaw is being served to Tom Grant who, at the town council meeting on May 7, 2014 at which a letter from the Comox Town Residents Association was brought forward, made the remark that it was merely “one gentleman” continuing to “rag on”. This remark belittles and dismisses as unimportant not only the opinion of one of the signers of this letter, but also the opinion of the entire CTRA membership on whose behalf this letter was written. As this remark by Tom Grant is clearly in contempt of the new Citizen’s Bylaw C-1, Councillor Tom Grant is hereby fired from Comox Town Council and is required to vacate his position effective immediately. Failure to comply with this execution of Bylaw C-1 will result in fines and annoying daily reminders. The citizens of Comox are currently working on Bylaw C-2 which addresses the problem of possible Conflict of Interest within the Comox Town Council.

Marilyn Machum



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