Choose Harper

I feel this election is one of the most important in recent history.

Why do I choose Stephen Harper?

Over the years I have voted Conservative and Liberal, though never NDP. I feel this election is one of the most important in recent history. We are under a constant global threat from extremists, a competitive global market and here at home within our own families we are trying to get ahead; own homes, set aside retirement funds and care for our loved ones.

As a mom, I want to see my children live prosperous, safe, and above all, happy lives.

I watched the debates, like many. What I came away with was a sense that Harper cares about these things as well. He ensures that our armed forces are assisting those countries who need our help and will ensure extremists from other countries are deported. He is a much admired world leader.

For families, Harper has balanced the budget, has promised no tax increases for four years and has introduced many new tax incentives designed to assist us in our retirement, buying or renovating a home and has provided new benefits to those with children and extended compassionate care.

And finally, after a 10-year effort, a trade deal has been reached with 12 countries, which will not only help Canadian industry and business take advantage of the new marketplace but will provide us better selection and competition for our dollar.

I think we have things pretty darned good here in Canada.

But then, I am just a mom.

Michele ObaraParksville

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