Children getting caught in middle of strike

Bioth sides in B.C. education dispute stubborn, unwilling to budge.

To the Editor,

Regarding the current issues between the BCTF, the teachers and our government.

I agree class sizes are an issue, children do learn better with a more positive one-on-one experience and some children require a little more than that.

It’s difficult to provide if the classroom is already overcrowded. Either smaller class sizes or additional help is not an unreasonable request.

I do not agree with government lowering wages; however, the requested increase is beyond reasonable regardless of what the government gives itself. That’s a separate issue and should be addressed as such.

I believe in fair compensation, but I do not believe current wages are low, by any means.

I agree that the government is under-funding public services in general and that families are paying for it.

I agree that governments (in layman’s terms) in general are political liars and manipulators who will cover things up, hide things, mislead the general public if they are able; however, I do not believe that gives the teachers the right to walk off the job and hold our children’s education hostage to make a point.

The saying “two wrongs don’t make a right” seems to apply here – and it certainly doesn’t win any favour from the parents.

This hasn’t been a question of who’s right and who’s wrong.

I’ve never been on the side of the government and I’m just as unhappy with it (if not more so) in this whole mess than anything. The government is certainly not without fault.

Both sides are just as stubborn, just as opinionated and just as unwilling to budge. Otherwise this would have been resolved long ago.

The only ones getting hurt and caught in the middle are the children, and that’s not right regardless of what ‘side’ you’re on.

Christina Harvie


Nanaimo News Bulletin