Charity junk mail

We too are faced with an onslaught of junk mail from large charities determined to spend most of our donations on repeat solicitations.

Further to the article (The NEWS, Jan. 5) where Parksville resident Barrie Donaldson brings attention to the number of requests received for yet more money from charities to which he has donated, we too are faced with the same onslaught of junk mail from large charities that seem determined to spend most of our donations on constant, frequent repeat solicitations.

Not only that, but we also get ongoing requests from a variety of charities to which the previous owners of our property, obviously very generous donors, were regular contributors. They left not only the town, but the province, two years ago, yet the charities still bombarding them with repeat solicitations arriving in our mailbox don’t seem to realize that these former owners haven’t contributed anything from this address since the end of 2013.

The consequence of all this unwelcome mail? We, like Donaldson, have decided that our donations will henceforth go to local organizations, where most, if not all, of the money will go directly to address the need for which it is intended.

As for the charities that keep sending unwanted mail one can only ask: when will they ever learn?

Rosemary TaylorQualicum Beach

Parksville Qualicum Beach News