Celebrating 75 years

Canadian Cancer Society continues the fight against cancer

The Canadian Cancer Society is marking its 75th anniversary in 2013 and so this year is just a bit more special than the last.

The last 75 years have given us much reason to celebrate and many successes, however, there is still work that needs to be done in our fight for life. Despite the struggles happening around us, I still find that there is a strength that can never be broken.

We continue to look for individuals to build on this strength and welcome anyone who would love to volunteer their time.

The Canadian Cancer Society will fight until people start listening, until survival rates improve and until cures are found. This is not easy and we need your help. With awareness comes funding, with funding comes answers and with answers there comes a cure. Everyone deserves a chance to live a long and beautiful life.

We are the voice for the ones we have lost and the ones continuing to fight this battle. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. Our office volunteers access information and support and also participate in raising money for research. We are located at 332 Front St. (down from the Holley Clinic.) Visit us or call Monday to Friday 11a.m. – 3 p.m. (250-992-6551)

We would also like to make note that since we have so much going on with Relay For Life and The Daffodil Campaign, there will be someone in The Canadian Cancer Society office who will be able to attend to all questions or concerns. Tuesdays you can contact me about any questions or concerns about Daffodils/Relay. Other dates and contact information will be available and confirmed in the coming weeks.

I need to also give a big Thank You to everyone who has given The Canadian Cancer Society love and support. Thank you for believing that we are strong enough to change and face the disease – thank you for wanting to be part of our mission.

Ivana Topic is a volunteer with Canadian Cancer Society, Quesnel branch.

Quesnel Cariboo Observer