Cats also need to be licensed here

Why do dogs have to be licensed and cats get a free ride?

Re: thousands of stray cats  (The News, Dec. 27).

As I prepare once again to fork out license fees for my two registered, spayed, tattooed, micro chipped terriers — that never leave my sight, except when kennelled — I can’t help wondering how our feline friends continue to be off the hook.

Kitty gets to roam freely, doing its business in your and my garden, preying on our birds, and irritating neighbourhood dogs with its teasing dashes through the backyards.

OK, so they catch the odd rodent and do us a favour that way, but my terriers would be pretty good at that too if they had the same freedoms!

So how about a licence system similar to dogs?

Surely this is justified to pay for all the same benefits I’m told I get for my dog fees, and the cat rescue operations would have more of the needed funds to control the cat population.

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