Castlegar’s St. David’s Thrift Store says thank you for support after theft

Letter from store's president Bonnie Thompson

Submitted by Bonnie Thompson

On behalf of St. David’s Thrift Store I would like to thank the citizens of Castlegar for their support and encouragement following our recent break in. Loyal customers and even people who have never shopped in our store have contacted myself or other volunteers expressing shock and dismay that someone would stoop so low as to rob a thrift store.

St. David’s Thrift Store has been a fixture in Castlegar for 50 years,with proceeds going equally to Castlegar United Church and St. David’s Anglican Church who in turn support charitable organizations around our city. By robbing us, you have effectively diverted money that would otherwise help your fellow citizens not only by taking the money you found in our cash register, but by forcing us to spend money in an effort to prevent this from occurring again.

Several people deserve special thanks for going above and beyond in their support of us: Dion Miskell — who replaced our tools, Heather Fancy and the Habitat for Humanity Restore who have donated a new cash register (we actually had five offers of new cash registers ) and Angie Sutherland, Iain Stark and Roberta Oglin — who gave us large cash donations. And to Betsy Kline whose report and photo on the paper’s website got the ball rolling.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you have restored our faith in the inherent good in people.

Bonnie Thompson,

President St. David’s Thrift Shop

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