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Carl Weber column: I’ve got goosebumps!

Every chiropractor has their favourite story.

By Carl Weber

Every chiropractor that has spent years practicing chiropractic healthcare for families has their favourite story.

People crawl into the office or arrive crippled in a wheelchair and walk out. A person is scheduled for abdominal surgery and after a few adjustments they cancel the surgery because the pain is gone and they’re no longer emitting that green plume of gas that’s been following them around for years. The list goes on.

Every amazing story of regaining health, more than just a dry narrative, reflects an amazing change in the life of an individual and family. I live for those stories because they’re a testament to how powerful the connections are between the nerves in the spine and our overall health.

A few years ago, I had a super senior that volunteered, exercised, and lived life at 100 per cent, tell me a story of her own health surprise following chiropractic care.

“I had just spent a day in the sun and wind without any sunglasses on. As a result, my eyes dried out so I needed to see my optometrist on an emergency basis. After my eyes were tested, I got the results back. My optometrist couldn’t believe that my eyesight had actually improved since my last test! The numbers had changed, just since beginning chiropractic care.”

This wasn’t the first time I’d seen someone improve their eyesight after receiving chiropractic care, but this youngster was close to 80 years of age!

Clearly, not every person receiving care is going to have their vision altered. Not every person getting an adjustment is going to yell at the moon and scream out, “Chiropractic saved my life!” But isn’t it amazing? Moving that bone in the spine, knowing that in some way that baby, child, mom, dad, grandmother or grandfather will have more life and health in them after the adjustment. To do the things they love, with the people they love both better and longer.

That’s chiropractic care. That’s fun! And every adjustment we give could be that miracle event, that grand slam home run, that winning lottery ticket, that storybook goal scored…

I’m getting goosebumps and my armpits are getting sweaty just writing this! I can’t wait for that first practice member to get here.

Aloha and peace.

Dr. Carl Weber, B.P.E. (Hon), DC, is a chiropractor at Lake Cowichan Chiropractic, 85 Darnell Rd. Contact them at 250-749-3393 or check the out on the internet at www.lakecowichanchiropractic.com.

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