Canada Post has a duty to properly protect the mail

The agency should stop making excuses and protect mail from identity thieves.

Editor: I take exception to the story in The Times (Sept. 16), particularly these words — “The trend has continued this year, suggesting people need to be more vigilant when it comes to protecting their confidential information.”

Why do we need to be more vigilant?  We did not choose to have our mail delivered to a community mailbox.  When our mail was delivered directly to our home, we never had to worry about it.

It was Canada Post which took away home delivery and forced us to use the community boxes.  I believe that it is up to Canada Post to ensure that all mail is delivered safely, whether to homes or to community boxes.

And since theft from community boxes has been an ongoing problem since they were introduced, it is way past time that Canada Post did more than offer lip service with regard to this issue.  To put the onus on their customers is just wrong.  My belief is that Canada Post has a responsibility to protect the mail.  Period.

And one more thing. Our box was broken into about Aug. 25 in Walnut Grove, and we were advised that we had to go to Cloverdale to pick up our mail.  This, too, is unacceptable.  I live in Langley, I want my mail available in Langley.

Why am I having to drive (with the cost of gas and time) to Cloverdale to pick up mail that should have been properly protected by Canada Post in the first place?

J. Schiller,


Langley Times