Calling all candidates

Candidates in the Bulkley Valley can submit answers to the paper to two questions.

I’m never envious of those who are willing to run for local government.

You put your name in to the running, your boss is the entire community, and your job interview is done on stage in front of a crowd of the most vocal members of said community.

Who wants to do that?

Well, a lot of people it looks like. I wasn’t around the last time there was a local government election, so I don’t know if 12 people going after the six council seats for Smithers is normal, high, or low. It looks like a lot though.

In Smithers, another two people will be going after the mayor chains. There will be no mayor’s race in Telkwa — Carman Graf was unopposed — but there are five people wanting the four council seats.

That’s in addition to the 17 people seeking a spot in one of the many electoral areas for the Regional District.

So, to all the candidates, I wish you the best as the campaign begins.

And to ensure you have your chance to have your say in the paper, here’s what we’re doing. Like last time, we’re going to ask all the candidates two questions, and run their responses together over two issues of the paper.

To keep it easy, it will even be the same questions as last time: 1) What have you identified as the most pressing issue for the position you’re in?, and 2) What makes you the most qualified candidate for your position?

All candidates, from Hazelton to Quick, for all elected positions, are welcome to answer. Answers are welcome up to 200 words and are subject to the same rules as our letters to the editor. Please include the best way to contact you along with your response, as well as an updated headshot.

Drop your answers off at the paper or e-mail them to

Deadline for the first question is Oct. 26, to run in the Nov. 2 issue of The Interior News.

Answers for the second question will be needed in by Nov. 2, to run in the Nov. 9 issue.

Smithers Interior News