Bylaws are discriminatory

Editor: Langley Township’s RV and portable basketball hoop bylaws are discriminatory.

I thought all Canadians are to be treated equally. Why is it that Township residents will only be forced to store their RV and or move their portable basketball hoop if a complaint is made about that particular RV or portable hoop?

If you look down either side of your street, you may see recreation vehicles in driveways and or portable basketball hoops on the edge of some yards. But if you happen to have a neighbour that does not like kids or is a compulsive complainer, and that neighbour submits a complaint about your RV or portable basketball hoop, you will be forced to store the RV and or move the portable hoop six feet onto your property.

All the while, the other residents in your neighbourhood who park an RV in their driveway or place a portable basketball hoop at the edge of their lawn will continue to be able to do so, as no compliant was submitted to the Township. How is that equal?

If you drive around the Township, you will see recreational vehicles parked on many properties and portable basketball hoops placed on the edge of many properties.

This does not take away from the value of other neighbouring properties. These two bylaws should apply to all Township residents, or to none. What logic is Langley Township council using that suggests otherwise?

My personal opinion is that a RV should be permitted to be parked in a driveway and that portable basketball hoops should be permitted at the edge of the lawn. Some may agree with my opinion and some may not.

However, these two bylaws are currently discriminatory and should be revised or removed by the Township council as soon as possible.

I ask that you withhold my name from this letter as, if a bylaw officer happens to read this, I may be targeted yet again.

Name withheld

Langley Times